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I have been running various SaaS directories in the past 5 years and eventually had to shut down since it is hard to run a sustainable business with a freemium model. I have come across several SaaS/Tech founders who tell me they have a policy of not paying for placement.

But there are few who understand that they should support the ecosystem. If all the advertising money goes only to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and prominent Software Directories, then, the SaaS ecosystem will only be limited to few alternatives for promotion and advertising.

I just launched this SaaS resource website. In order to give maximum visibility, I will be featuring your product/solution on 3 of our network websites., ProductStartups and

Further, during our mutually convenient time, I will be doing a video interview with the founder or anyone in the leadership team along with an email interview to get maximum visibility to your product. I hope you will realize the hard work which goes behind doing this work and support our efforts.

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Your SaaS product will be listed on,, and, and also promoted on our Social Channels organically every month.

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