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ByVenkat raman

Jan 15, 2021
SaaS Directory is the almost the 10th website I created in the past 5 years to launch a platform to list SaaS Products and solutions. Over the years, the SaaS industry has evolved and many good SaaS directories also came into being.

Just that, I wanted to do it my way. So I wish to make as one of the best directories for professional’s who are looking for the right SaaS software for their business.

What’s unique in

Like any other SaaS directory, we will also be listing SaaS products but we wanted to go a step beyond that. We feature news, interviews and also have an option for SaaS Companies to collaborate with us if they are launching a marketing campaign.

I also wish to do video interview of SaaS Founders and professionals. Ultimately, will be a directory made with SaaS Founders, Marketers and Sales professionals in mind.


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