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News: SaaS Stocks, Okta, Top Cloud Provider, Qualys, Phocas Software, Klook

ByVenkat raman

Feb 4, 2021
SaaS News , SaaS Stocks,

Compilation of SaaS News from various sources.

January 14th to Feb 4th 2021.

1.3 SaaS Stocks to Consider as the Trend Heats Up

2.The future of SaaS is on-demand: Use experts to drive growth and engagement

3.Okta SaaS report finds Office 365 wins the cloud — sort of

4.The Best Cloud SaaS Stocks In A Correction: Stocks We Plan To Buy On Dips

5.Growth Hacking: What it is and How SaaS Businesses Can Use it to Optimize Growth

6.Subscription-based pricing is dead: Smart SaaS companies are shifting to usage-based models

7.Top cloud providers in 2021: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, hybrid, SaaS players

8.New SaaS solution uses machine learning to detect cyber threats

9.Qualys Introduces SaaS Detection and Response to Manage the Security Posture and Risk of the SaaS Application Stack.

10.Princeton data, analytics company merges with SaaS provider

11.Phocas Software, cloud-based data analytics SaaS company secures £33M

12.Lebanon-based global treasury management SaaS TreausryXpress gets acquired by Bottomline

13.A Framework For Scaling Up Your B2B SaaS Business

14. Telemedico gets $6.6M to grow the reach of its digital health SaaS

15. Klook banks $200m to bolster its merchant SaaS offering.

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